Cuyabeno Final Notes

The ecolodge was solar powered, so each night at 10:00pm, they shut off all electricity. One time I was brushing my teeth when poof, lights out time, and it was stunningly dark. I felt around the sink for my headlamp, which I had thoughtfully brought with me but absent-mindedly set down, on the sink ledgeContinue reading “Cuyabeno Final Notes”

Cuyabeno — Visiting the Amazon

We roared down the Cuyabeno river, wind tugging at our hats, droplets freckling our sunglasses. Our “piloto” occasionally swerved to avoid submerged obstacles, or would suddenly gun it and flip the motor out of the water to launch us over not-so-submerged obstacles. “Watch for anacondas sunning themselves on the tree branches,” our guide had toldContinue reading “Cuyabeno — Visiting the Amazon”