Puerto Lopez: Fishing Trip

Most tourists go to Puerto Lopez for things that surround the town. Isla de Plata is an island where you can see blue footed boobies, just like in the Galapagos. In the summer, you can see whales migrating north. A few kilometers up the road is the beach Los Frailes, which my new friends onContinue reading “Puerto Lopez: Fishing Trip”

Puerto Lopez: Hostería Mandala

Puerto Lopez at first glance is a bit “ramshackle”, as my guidebook called it. The main road that runs along the ocean is made of dirt, and currently there is a lot of construction as they are building a Malecón. You have to walk through a construction site to move around town. Based on theContinue reading “Puerto Lopez: Hostería Mandala”


Generally speaking Ecuadorians don’t think highly of Guayaquil, although it’s the largest city and the commercial engine of the country. It’s dangerous and there’s nothing to see, was the general consensus. Based on their feedback, I had only planned to stay overnight and move on to the coast. In my hotel, I wanted to seeContinue reading “Guayaquil”

On the Road to Guayaquil

My new friends in Loja, after hearing about my bad luck on the bus, had told me there are private buses that are a little more expensive ($12 instead of $7.50) between the big cities. These buses are much safer because they don’t leave from the terminals, and they don’t stop to pick people up.Continue reading “On the Road to Guayaquil”

Adventures on the Road to Loja

I had been warned that you have to be on your guard at the bus terminals. I booked a slightly fancier public bus (aka more expensive), and when I got on, a man in back welcomed me and ushered me to a seat. That’s a first. Smiling, he told me I was not permitted toContinue reading “Adventures on the Road to Loja”

Baños de Agua Santa

Baños is a small town (pop. about 20,000) resting in the mountains, with peaks shooting up all around and waterfalls visible from town center. It’s named after the thermal hot springs in various spots around town. The streets are lined with hostels, spas, and adventure tour shops complete with ATV rental, dirt bike rentals, puentingContinue reading “Baños de Agua Santa”

Cuyabeno Final Notes

The ecolodge was solar powered, so each night at 10:00pm, they shut off all electricity. One time I was brushing my teeth when poof, lights out time, and it was stunningly dark. I felt around the sink for my headlamp, which I had thoughtfully brought with me but absent-mindedly set down, on the sink ledgeContinue reading “Cuyabeno Final Notes”